body positive coaching in Grand Blanc or Holly, MI

Health and Beauty Starts Within

Enroll in body positive coaching in Fenton & Holly, MI

Having a happy and healthy body isn't just about what you eat. It's important to gain self-confidence and prioritize self-care. That's why Phoenix Transform offers body positive coaching in Fenton & Holly, MI. You'll work with a health coach from our team to view your body and self from a healthy perspective.

It's necessary to understand that bodies change over time and that's okay. You may have gained or lost weight due to:

  • Having kids
  • Living on your own for the first time
  • Recovering from an illness or injury
  • Stress/major life events

If you don't love and appreciate yourself, it's hard to make any kind of change. Once you've adjusted your thinking, maintaining a healthy weight becomes more attainable. Make an appointment for body positive coaching from Phoenix Transform in Fenton, Holly, or Grand Blanc, MI today.

Building healthy habits begins with your mind

In addition to regular nutrition coaching, our team can help with eating disorder recovery. Loving your body can be difficult, especially when you've suffered from an eating disorder. Getting back into a healthy routine can seem like an overwhelming goal. You can reach your goals by working with a body positive coach.

Do you have questions about eating disorder recovery? Ask them now by calling one of our locations.